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The Foibles and Flaws of Online Surveys

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A copy of Think Like a Freak was an enjoyable and quickly consumed Christmas present, and it has led me to wonder out loud about the value of asking users for feedback on websites and apps.

A Traditional Method for Problem Solving

So you aren’t feeling well: a little nauseous, a bit tired and deflated. You’re guessing it’s nothing too serious – for the majority of your faculties are behaving as they should. But still, it’s always good to know, and you pop down to the GP for a quick check-up.

The queue in the waiting room means your GP probably won’t use all the tools at his disposal. And even though you know full well that he enjoys and endures the foibles and flaws that are incumbent in all men (and women), he delivers a reassurance and direction that comes from training, knowledge and, most importantly, experience.

Although you own your body and you are the only person who knows every pleasure and every rigour that it’s been through, you will listen and learn. It is an implicit trust based on the promise that you will gain from his expertise.

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A hamburger for everyone, please

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Early last year, I was clocked doing 72 miles per hour in a 60 zone not far from my house.

A few days later, when the penalty notice arrived through my door, it was accompanied by an invitation to a driver’s awareness course, rewarded by the quashing of the three points all set to blot my clean record.

In life there are sometimes very tough decisions to be made. This really wasn’t one of those times, so off I went and enrolled.

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