Requirements Analysis | Digital Strategy
Professional Services

We position consultancy first for a very simple reason: every project, campaign or partnership, in order to be successful, must begin with understanding. Take reassurance from a guarantee: if the best solution is not digital, we will be the first people to say it.

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User Experience | User Interface

Digital design has evolved into multiple disciplines  – UX, UI, RWD, conceptual –  and each of them provides an essential step in digital product design. With 30 years of design experience, it  means we know which steps to take and how to take them.

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Websites and Web Applications
Native Applications | Hosting

Our heart is in technology, and all the good things that come with it – whether it’s new ways to communicate, improved ways to work, or just having fun with games. What we really want is a better internet, and we’re fully intent on playing our role.

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Why choose us?

At this point we would like to wax lyrical about our game changing strategy, award winning design and cutting edge delivery, and in a few year’s time – when we have earned that portfolio – that’s no doubt what you will find here.

But for now (we’re still only 1629 days old and counting), you’ll have to trust that the MINUS40 team have said and done all of the above.

Our mission together at MINUS40 is to do it better again, and our experience, drive and complementary skills will allow us to achieve that goal.

We have outstanding skills in marketing, communications and technology.

That’s our natural advantage.

Chat to us about what you need. We can help you make smart choices. Chat to us