We are digital problem solvers

By anyone’s standards, we’re a new company. Indeed, right now we’re actually only 1629 days old.

So you could say we have a start-up vibe going on. But this really isn’t a normal start-up.

On opening our doors, the five partners entered with just short of 100 years of experience between them. That’s almost 100 years of delivering real world advice, products and solutions.

It would take us quite a while to explain everything we know, and we’d need several volumes to discuss everything we could do for you. But this is 2019, and research keeps telling us you’re not going to read much further.

So we’ll keep it short.

Why we’re here

MINUS40 was founded by people who want to do digital better.  This isn’t a threat or a calling shot to the digital industry and, hands on hearts, we have no interest in world domination.

While the industry seems to embrace the fact that its only constant is change, for those who fund the industry – both organisations and the end-users themselves – it means never-ending revisions and restarts to the time, effort, learnings and finances involved in staying apace.

We have a straightforward desire to reduce those revisions and to minimise those restarts; to instead build for success, to lay and nurture eggs. We do not do the same things over and over again and expect different results.  We analyse trends, rather than blindly follow. We learn, we review, we improve, we excel: our clients prosper.

It’s basically the same approach that has seen Glenn Stewart, Neil Ramsden and Richard McCullough grow our sister company McCadden into one of the most trusted and sought-after design and branding houses in Northern Ireland.

It‘s an approach that requires genuine knowledge, skill, creativity and application, which is why digital veterans Anthony McNamee and Darren Craig are leading the charge.

Anthony McNamee

Managing Partner

Darren Craig

Chief Technical Officer

Glenn Stewart


Richard McCullough


Neil Ramsden