Consultancy is positioned as our first service for a very simple reason: every project, every campaign, every partnership, in order to be successful, must begin with understanding.

We research, assess and evaluate the digital potential of an organisation, division, product or service, and thereafter guide you on the steps required to reach that potential.

Our intention in consultancy is to identify the right solution. Take reassurance from this guarantee: if the best solution is not digital, we will be the first people to say it.

Requirements analysis

  • Blue sky idea generation and refinement for digital products and services.
  • Independent risk assessment of proposed projects.
  • Audits and assessments of current or pre-release digital products, including testing plans.
  • Advice and preparation of functional/technical specifications.
  • Advice and preparation of testing strategies.

Genuine digital strategy

  • ¬†Mapping your organisational objectives across multiple campaigns, projects, channels and media, into a single roadmap.
  • Audits and reviews of organisation-wide digital outputs.
  • Assessment and proposals for organisational digital potential, with a particular lean on technological opportunities.

Professional services

  • Advice and preparation of Request for Tenders / Invitations to Tender for organisations undertaking technical projects.
  • Training of senior corporate staff on digital solutions, with an emphasis on SWOT analysis.
  • Sourcing, headhunting and matchmaking of potential suppliers and staff.
  • Dispute¬†resolution advisers; acting as an intermediary between organisation and its suppliers when digital/technical projects are off track or in jeopardy.

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