There are a number of distinct strands in design, depending on where you want us to get involved.

We can take a pre-formulated idea for a website, web application or digital interface, and perfect it as a visual and functional experience. Conceptual design is one of our strongest suits, after all our sister company McCadden have been perfecting this discipline for over 30 years.

But we also believe that digital design is the visual representation, by-product and bedfellow of consultancy. It challenges existing preconceived ideas, by probing, theorising and testing in a cycle of constant improvement. The right solution will always complement form and function, and as a result will deliver tangible results for your digital projects.

As such, our design process is transformation through information.

User interface design and optimisation

  • Research and best practice guidelines.
  • Wireframes.
  • Browser-based responsive prototyping.
  • UI modelling.
  • A/B testing.

User experience (UX) reviews and strategy

  • User analysis, identification and personification.
  • Competitor / industry analysis, benchmarking and critiquing.
  • Analytics and trends analysis, observation and reporting.
  • Focus group research and testing.
  • Content analysis and requirements.
  • User journey identification.
  • Information architecture development.
  • UX integrity guidelines.

Conceptual design

  • Websites and web applications.
  • Native applications.
  • Tools, functions and other software.
  • Responsive HTML email campaigns.
  • In tandem with sister company McCadden we provide brand identities and print design

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